About Autumn's Garden Spaces

Creative Landscape Designs


 Today's, smaller urban spaces can pose a challenge for many new homeowners. Investment in a pleasing design with appropriate plant selection and care, can make a positive impact both for your curb appeal and backyard enjoyment year round.  Autumn has the talent and expertise to create the garden of your dreams. Consider, Autumn's Garden Spaces for your garden design and garden maintenance projects.

Garden Knowledge and Planning


Autumn has 20 years of practical, hands -on gardening knowledge and  professional training from the University of Guelph in Landscape/Garden Design. She continues  to advance her Horticulturist accreditation's thru the University of Guelph and other professional landscape horticulturist associations.  

 Autumn's goal is to provide her clients with sanctuary which offer enjoyment throughout the year. Autumn's unique designs feature plants to offer visual interest  in each season.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


A properly planned garden can save you considerable money and time. Garden landscaping is an investment and is not created overnight. Invest wisely in your property landscaping and you will receive a 150% return gain investment, which your family will reap the rewards in many ways. My business is built around word of mouth happy customer referrals.